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Alma continues to weave sustainability into its DNA. Always finding ways to reduce the amount of waste, reuse products, and recycle. Purchasing guidelines and policies help us sustain the social, economic and environmental needs of future generations.

Cleaning products used at Alma are EcoLogo and/or Green seal certified.The University of Calgary is currently developing a Green Cleaning Guideline which will address the sustainability requirements for cleaning products used on the campus. This guideline will require all cleaning products to comply with Green Seal GS-37 or the applicable Environmental Choice standard.

Goods sold on at the Corner Store come from artisans who work in safe environments and receive fair wages.

Soap for Hope

Hotel Alma is a proud participant of Soap for Hope.

Soap for Hope takes used hotel hygiene products and sort, wash and reprocess with the help of local volunteers and distribute the reprocessed products to 14 local shelters and community outreach programs in Airdrie, Calgary and Cochrane.